The molecular structure of Frenolicin B

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Frenolicin B

Discovery, producing organism and structure (1)

Frenolicin B and deoxyfrenolicin were isolated during the course of screening for antimycoplasmal antibiotics from the culture broth of the actinomycete strain AM-3867. The total synthesis of frenolicin B has been reported by many groups. The first total synthesis was reported by Kraus et al (2).

Physical data (Frenolicin B) (1)

Orange columns. C18H16O6; mol wt 328.09. Sol. in MeOH.

Biological activity (1,3)

1) Antimicrobial activity (1)

Frenolicin B

2) Frenolicin B shows anticoccidial activity in vitro and a strong immunity against Eimeria tenella infection in chicks (3).


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